Anti-Aging Skincare for 50s+, Mature Skin, & Menopause

No matter how old you are, this video applies to you.

You might ask yourself, "What is she talking about? She just said this is for your 50s", but age is not a skin type. 

The first thing you need to do when you're building a skincare routine is to base your routine on your biggest problem

What happens to your skin in your 50s?

As we age, we can think of our faces as couches. Our skin is the fabric of the couch. Skincare can affect the fabric of the couch, but our skincare is never going to fill our couches and plump them up with feathers, and our skincare is never going to fix the foundation of our couch, i.e., our bone structure. As we age, those factors (volume, fat pads, and bone structure) come into play in a way that skincare cannot affect.

What happens in our 50s that is a universal truth? Menopause.

With menopause, we have a decrease in estrogen. Estrogen keeps us going, keeps us looking youthful, and gives us energy. Once the estrogen decreases, there's five big things that happen:

  1. Wrinkles tend to set in, since estrogen promotes collagen production by stimulating our fibroblasts. 

  2. Decrease in bone density & saggier skin. It is known that our orbital structure becomes hollower, our bony structure becomes thinner, our jawline becomes narrower and starts to recede and we get more sunken in. With that, we can have saggier skin. We could lose elasticity and bounce, and become overall a bit more jowl-y.

  3. Sensitivity to UV rays. The look of damage underneath the surface of the skin gets activated faster as we get older so brown spots become more obvious. 

  4. Increase in sensitivities. We become more hormonal, we become more red, and our rosacea tends to flare up. 

  5. Decrease in oil production. Our sebaceous glands get quieter and our skin becomes more dry. Not just dehydrated, but dry.

[Menopause → Decrease in estrogen = Wrinkles + Sagging + Sun spots + Sensitive skin + Dryness]

What does this mean for your skincare routine? 

The point of the video is to open your eyes up to the arsenal of products and ingredients available to you to help yourselves throughout this time in your life, if you want to add a little bit of an oomph in your skincare routine.

Watch this video where Dr. Shereene Idriss recommends products and ingredients to target your biggest skin concern.