A Derm’s Holy Grail Buys for Hair Thinning, Hair Loss and the Shedding
A Derm’s Holy Grail Buys for Hair Thinning, Hair Loss and the Shedding

Personally, I have an ongoing struggle with androgenetic alopecia (aka female pattern hair loss) but have had bouts of sudden hair loss as well due to Telogen Effluvium occurring three times in my life so far: the first two times, post pregnancies (for both kids) and the third time, post covid… And I can attest, it is NOT fun. 

My personal hair care routine is all about holding on to the hair I have, and hopefully stimulating a few new ones in the process. In-office, I have tried PRP (platelet-rich plasma) therapy, which is not a guaranteed success for everyone, but if it works, it can work wonders.  I have found that it has helped me a whole lot. I won’t dive into the nitty-gritty details that this treatment entails as, quite frankly, it deserves its very own blog post, but in a nutshell, PRP involves extracting a small amount of your blood. This is then placed in a centrifuge to separate the plasma, which is abundant with growth factors, and this is injected into your scalp to stimulate hair growth. Much like all other skin and hair medical treatments, at-home maintenance is key with PRP. And since sharing is caring, I figured I would give you guys a full-access glimpse into my haircare stash — from go-to tools, regrowth creams, shampoos, masques, and volumizing sprays, these eight gems are staples in my current hair loss routine. 

In The PM

Sheila Stotts Untangle Brush aka the Removal Brush, $39

This brush is quite the miracle worker, particularly for hair that’s prone to breakage. It’s a plastic brush with a rubber cushion and fine metal bristles that are extremely delicate on the hair. As you brush, it creates a massage-like sensation that boosts blood circulation, which I love. I’ve tried many detangling brushes in the past, and I found this one to be the most gentle.

Men’s Rogaine, $55

Suitable for daily use, this is a topical treatment with 5% minoxidil. I prefer this way more than hair growth supplements, and it’s done wonders for my regrowth as an adjunct to my PRP injections. All you have to do is dispense the foam onto your areas of hair thinning and then massage it into your scalp to ensure that it is fully absorbed. Finish off with your detangling brush, and I usually then tie my hair in a low ponytail with a silk scrunchie to allow the formula to air dry.

Christophe Robin Hair Cream, $42

Firstly, if you love the scent of men’s cologne, this smells like your future dream lover. It’s an everyday hair cream but for those with thinner hair types like me, consider skipping a day (or days) in-between as it’s quite dense in texture. On the days I do use it, I apply quite a lot, about two capfuls until my hair has a sleeky texture. It contains glycerin, and you guys know my love for glycerin runs deep, and just overall, this mask does a great job in minimizing breakage and split ends. 

Latisse, Rx

Yes, the prescription eyelash-growth solution you know of works wonders for hair regrowth. This is because it contains bimatoprost, an ingredient that helps thicken hair density. I know this is a little on the pricey side, but simply add two drops of this on the worst areas of your hair thinning, and over time the results are just *chef’s kiss*

In The AM

Grande Cosmetics GrandeHAIR Peptide Shampoo, $22

This shampoo is specifically formulated for thinning hair, and I 100% back its instantaneous thickening abilities. It’s loaded with peptides to strengthen and boost hair health while delivering an exfoliating effect that creates an optimum scalp environment for thicker hairs to come through and flourish. Typically, I follow this up with a thick coat of L’Oréal Paris EverStrong Thickening Conditioner, $5, (on the lower half of my hair and down to the tips) to add body and help lessen breakage and split ends. 

Christophe Robin Hair Cream (Again)

So I usually like to double this up as a pre-and post-wash solution to combat split ends and protect my mid-lengths and tips from breakage. I apply this while my hair is still damp and then seal it in with a couple of drops of hair oil.

Shu Uemura Protective Oil, $44

This tube of goodness is extremely lightweight and consists of camellia oil to shield your hair from dryness, frizz, and UV damage, all while adding soft texture and healthy shine. 

Finishing Touches (Before Styling)

Color Wow Speed Dry Blow Dry Spray, $24, and Rita Hazan Lifting Spray, $26

I love this spray as it’s alcohol-free and it reduces blow-drying time substantially — meaning less damage is caused as you style. I like to spray some at the roots and then follow it up with a lifting spray to give my hair extra volume at the crown and base of my head. 

Final pointers to keep in mind…

  • I find that my hair is at its healthiest when I wash it about 2-3 times a week.
  • I always use the majority of my hair products the night before I wash my hair (as I shower in the mornings) to allow the formulas to fully absorb, and start working overnight.
  • I don’t use all the products above on my no-wash days as I do find that it adds buildup and makes my hair greasier faster.

I hope this little hair care guide helps you all in some way — shop my entire hair care routine here